Sagittal (Scaphocephaly)

new_diagrams_sagittalSuture fused:   Sagittal

Shape of Skull: Scaphocephaly
The skull in scaphocephaly has a very characteristic shape.  It is elongated from back to front, often described as  “oval” shaped skull with a very prominent forehead, a pointy back of the head and often there is pinching at the sides of the head just above and in front of the ears.

2 – 3 per 10,000 births

Procedure – Extended strip cranial vault remodelling (ESCVR) at 6 months of age or total cranial vault remodelling (TCVR) at 1 year and over

Age at treatment – At the NPCC our preference is to undertake surgery before 6 months of age in what is known as an extended strip cranial vault remodelling. This involves removal of the affected sagittal suture and other portions of bone in other parts of the skull.  If for some reason the child cannot be operated on before 6 months (e.g. referral after the age of 6 months or other medical conditions which do not allow us to operate under the age of 6 months) the procedure of choice at the NPCC is  a total cranial vault remodelling which is undertaken at 1 year and older.  This essentially involves the removal and remodelling of most of the skull.