UniCoronal (Anterior Plagiocephaly)

new_diagrams_uni_coronalSuture fused:  Right or left Coronal Suture

Shape of Skull:               
The skull has a characteristic shape which is more obviously seen when looking from the front in which it causes an asymmetry (difference) between the eye sockets, often giving the impression that the normal eye is more closed than the eye on the side of the fused suture.  The forehead is flattened on the side of the fused suture with a compensatory (bulging) of the opposite side of the forehead .Coronal craniosynostosis can have significant effects on the growth of the face.  It is often associated with the malalignment of the eye sockets and the nose and if severe enough can also affect the growth of the upper and lower jaw bones in what is sometimes termed a facial scoliosis.

The incidence of coronal craniosynostosis is approximately 1 in 10,000 births.

Procedure – The procedure of choice is a fronto-orbital advancement (FOA) and anterior cranial vault remodelling (ACVR) as previously described for metopic synostosis.  It is not possible to address the asymmetry of the nose or face during this procedure, however in many cases this asymmetry improves once the surgery has been carried out (and the fused suture is ‘released’) and normal facial skeletal growth resumes.

Age at treatment – Fronto-orbital advancement (FOA) and anterior cranial vault remodelling (ACVR) is normally carried out between 9 months and  15 months.