Craniofacial Conditions

The National Paediatric Craniofacial Centre (NPCC) is based in Temple Street Children’s University Hospital and provides treatment for children with craniofacial conditions from birth to 16 years of age. Craniofacial Conditions are complex conditions affecting the soft tissue or bones of the face and/or the head. These include congenital conditions such as premature fusion of the skull sutures and other anomalies, or acquired conditions such as trauma or tumours. Abnormal growth patterns from all of these conditions may result in disfigurement and functional impairment. The number of conditions which are managed at the NPCC and the complexities of treatment have grown over the last number of years. Today the NPCC sees approximately 450 new patients a year and undertakes over 70 complex craniofacial surgeries.

Craniofacial Conditions include;

  • Craniosynostosis – single suture 
  • Craniosynostosis- craniofacial syndromes 
  • Positional Plagiocephaly
  • Torticollis
  • Growth Disorders e.g. congenital micrognathia
  • Facial Clefts
  • Facial Asymmetry