Craniofacial Research Group

The Craniofacial Research Group (CRG) meets once a month in Temple Street Children’s University Hospital, Temple Street, D1 and has been meeting since February 2013.

CRG meetings are chaired by Mr Dylan Murray, Consultant Paediatric Plastic Surgeon and Lead Clinician, NPCC and coordinated by Shirley Bracken, Craniofacial Research Assistant and attended by all members of the NPCC Team.

Attendance is by invite from the NPCC Team and the main objective is to drive the conducting of research, audit and quality improvement (QI) projects within the NPCC.

Over the years since the CRG came into being, Consultants, NCHDs (Non-Consultant Hospital Doctors/ Junior Doctors), scientists, medical and dentistry students and representatives from surgical innovation companiesattend CRG meetings.

At these meetings we brainstorm ideas and develop projects to review and audit our current practices to ensure we are providing safe, effective care and treatment to our patients and their families. Ensuring patient outcomes are achieved and maintained through the rigorous use of both quantitative & qualitative research, regular audit & QI is our priority. Under the umbrella of the CRG and through collaborations both with laboratories and surgical innovation industries we have also developed novel techniques and devices for use in craniofacial surgery for children born with craniofacial disorders.

The CRG has delivered on numerous publications and members of the CRG have presented at local, national and international conferences.

Please see a list of our publications and presentations here.

If you are a trainee doctor, dentist, medical student, nurse or HSCP (Health and Social Care Professional) and you are interested in learning more about what the CRG at the NPCC, please contact

Shirley Bracken  • Craniofacial Projects Manager
National Paediatric Craniofacial Centre
Temple Street Children’s University Hospital
Temple Street, Dublin 1

T: (01) 878 5584