Family Support

At your first clinic visit to the NPCC you will meet the Craniofacial Nurse Specialist and Craniofacial Clinical Services Coordinator who will provide on-going support to you and your child.  

Following your child’s diagnosis of a craniofacial condition, we can also put you in contact with another family whose child has undergone treatment for the same condition. 

As we know many craniofacial conditions are very rare and it can be difficult to get information relating to them. Families of children and young people who are diagnosed with a craniofacial condition find it very helpful to be able to listen to or read stories and see photographs from other families. Access to personal stories is very helpful in preparing families and their child or young person for treatments and surgeries. 

If your child/young person and family would like to share your story, you can do so in the following ways:

  1. Talk to another family (also known as peer to peer support)
  2. Share your story on our website
  3. Share photographs of your child/young person before and after surgery on our website (these photographs are taken at clinic visits by our Clinical Photographer).

For further information please contact the Craniofacial Clinical Services Coordinator on 

01 878 4441 or email